The American People deserve someone who will champion real solutions and fight for US.

Americans are tired of the hyper-partisan bickering coming out of Washington. They are looking for someone who will represent their interests and help them navigate through the tough times and barriers they face. 

As your elected Representative in Congress, Mark Tashjian will fight for solutions that actually work.

Breaking the Two Party System

I don't expect you to agree with all my policy views, but I do hope you will agree with why I am running and for this I will earn your vote. We all know the Two Party system is broken, and does not represent America. I believe we need third and fourth parties elected to help end the polarization of politics in America and better represent the American people. When elect, this will bring in the momentum for more parties to spring up so politicians do not need to be beholden to their party.

Gas Prices 

America was blessed with bountiful energy resources, from the sun in the southwest, to the oil and natural gas under the ground. It is important that we are responsible responsible tenants in leaving our environment better than we found it, but this cannot be at the cost of the most vulnerable Americans being able to pay their bills and save money. 

Environmental regulations in America are more stringent than in other nations and the production of oil and natural gas cleaner for the environment many of the places we are now purchasing our oil and natural gas from. We must institute policies again that promote American industries and energy independence, both for the economy to help bring down prices and for the holistic environment of the world.


Skyrocketing inflation has forced many families to make tough choices. Instead of choosing where to go on vacation or how much extra they can contribute to savings or retirement, now we are forced to choose if we are able to buy food or able to buy clothing. 

Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities. 

And while the Federal Reserve has made feeble attempts to curb inflation, it creates a new set of problems. 

Businesses are left struggling because they cannot afford the loans they need to get started. The economy being shut down has brought us to the brink of recession. The dream of owning a home has been snatched away from millions of Americans.

An entire generation of young Americans have been deprived of the American Dream that once was guaranteed to all hard-working Americans. 

Millenials and Gen Z are not getting married, buying homes, or having children because these milestones are no longer affordable to young people who were promised that a college degree was their ticket to a good paying job – despite the rising cost of education – but that is unfortunately not the reality. 

Instead they have been saddled with debt and have entered the workforce looking for jobs that are not there. 

For the first time in our nation's history we have failed to pass down a sound financial future for the next generation and there is currently no plan to solve this crisis. 

The National Debt is spiraling out of control so quickly any number published here would quickly become out of date. 

What kind of America are we leaving for our children?

As your Congressman, I will fight for a Balanced Budget to start paying off the National Debt and I will oppose any action that would hurt your spending power by devaluing our currency.

Supply Chain Issues

Medicine, electronics, baby formula, everything we need to take care of our families has been held up on ships and in ports for the past two years. 

Politicians blame this on the pandemic, but we were set up to fail by Washington long before that.  

Bureaucracy, tariffs, and protectionist trade policies slow the movement of goods and inflate the costs by adding unnecessary regulation and burdensome taxation that just gets passed on the consumer. We need to reduce red tape. 

We need Politicians and their friends to get out of the way and stop skimming off the top so the American People can afford the goods that they need.


Just two generations ago, my family came to America. Her promise of freedom and the founding principle that we all have inherent rights gave my family new drive and new motivation. 

My parents were able to take advantage of our country’s rich opportunities, both of them pursuing advanced degrees in medicine and law. 

Unfortunately, America’s archaic immigration laws are making it tougher and tougher for talented individuals from other countries to come here to make a life of their own. 

Our immigration system should incentivize people who want to come here to work hard and provide for their families just like my parents and grandparents did for me. 

America is the land of opportunity, therefore we should streamline the process so we welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to America's greatness with their hard work and earn their own American Dream in a timely manner.

Cryptocurrency, Gold, and Silver

Items in common use as currencies should be treated equally and not taxed as capital gains. This includes cryptocurrencies, gold, silver, and future instruments of exchange.