Mark Tashjian is a hardworking, small business owner and entrepreneur.

Mark knows how to unleash the potential of the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District.

Mark is the grandson of Armenian immigrants who fled the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire during World War I. His grandparents sought refuge in America’s freedom and her promise of liberty and justice for all. 

Mark learned from his family from a young age that the virtues of integrity and honesty should always be paired with a strong work ethic and he’s worked throughout his life to embody those principles.

An entrepreneur from a young age, Mark started his very own landscaping business as a teenager. He towed a trailer from his bicycle that carried lawn equipment and converted neighbors into customers. He soon grew his business beyond where his bike could take him so he hired employees to drive him to his customers’ homes

It is this entrepreneurial spirit that has brought Mark to where he is today: the owner of a successful polo club. And, his club isn’t just any polo club: it’s also a place that offers equine therapy for those who struggle with PTSD and anxiety. 

Solving problems in the community is Mark’s calling. 

Mark Tashjian is ready to represent and go to work for the people of Massachusetts in Washington.