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Mark Tashjian

Community Advocate. Entrepreneur. Leader.

For too long, the Republicans and Democrats have each hardened into their camps, making every issue all or nothing, right or left. But the far-left and the far-right aren't where the American people are.

We, the American People, are the silent majority and it’s time someone stands up for US

We are the teachers who want to educate the next generation of rocket scientists. We are the families broken by drug addiction and mental illness that want to see practical solutions that help our loved ones. We are people who are trying to save a little for the future, living paycheck to paycheck, and just trying to get by.

I have gone through the Massachusetts public education system. I know the struggle of trying to find your very own version of the American Dream. I have hustled in blue-collar jobs, landscaping, and working on farms shoveling horse manure when I really wanted to find a dream of my own.

I understand what it takes to start and grow a successful small business and what it takes to become a driving force in the industry. I understand the challenges facing North Shore communities and what more suburban and rural families need right now: safe affordable housing in a safe and stable environment where you can raise a family.

I am with you.

I want to represent you.

Together, we will make a brighter, stronger future for our communities for generations to come. 

When we give our communities the opportunity to create solutions together, everyone can thrive. 

We can do this together. But we can only do this together.


Ballot access:

We are officially on the ballot after collecting more than 2000 signatures, certified by their towns and the Secretary of State. This is a major hurdle for third parties, with the next hurdle getting elected! Many people talk about election reform to make it easier for third parties to get elected. There are several techniques states can use including Rank Choice Voting (adopted in Maine and Alaska,) and Approval Voting. Rank Choice can cause a runoff election which may help 3rd Parties, where with Approval Voting you may select all candidates you "approve," giving a better chance for a 3rd party candidate to get a vote. Learn more here: Approval Voting 101


Here are some of our past events and message us for details on attending upcoming events:

Kick off Party: 6pm July 11th

Fundraiser at Boston Polo Club: 3pm July 24th

Primary Day Celebration: 7pm September 6th

Lynn Chamber of Commerce: October 12th time 8:30am Watch online Here

Breaking Bread with Joe Piantadosi: October 22 6-7pm WRKO 680am

For More Information on Upcoming Events: [email protected]


Mark Tashjian